Three Things I have learned

I am fortunate to meet many people everyday and learn some new things that are very helpful to me, and I wanted to share them with you.

Three items that make me more efficient:

1.   Youtube – Do you learn on Youtube?  Youtube is a great place to learn by watching videos.  I have learned about repairs, software programs, how to fix things, etc.  Sometimes the videos drag on a little bit.   Good news!  You can speed up the video.    Click the gear icon at the bottom of the video and click Playback speed.  Select your desired Playback Speed.  1.5 is pretty good, and will shorten the video quite a bit.  You can also slow the video down if you would like.

2.  Mesh Network – Get a mesh network such as Google Mesh or Eero mesh (I have the Eero mesh) This will make an incredible difference in your wifi.  A mesh network is a combination of multiple sources that spread wifi around your house or business and provides fast and efficient data routing.  Cost?  $149 – $600 and they are pretty easy to set up.

3.  Windows short cuts – Here are a few that will really speed things up for you.  {Ctrl] C for copy and [Ctrl] V for paste are often used.

  1. Alt Tab:  lets you cycle through all open applications quickly.
  2. Window E: Launches your Explorer to help find files.
  3. [Ctrl] F  Launches Find tool.  This will let you search for a term on any pdf, document, or web page.
  4. [Ctrl] Z maybe my favorite.   It is the undo action.

Here is a more complete list of short cuts. 

Hopefully one of these will be beneficial to you. 

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