About us

Merchant Services NC is dedicated to providing the best Merchant Service experience in the industry.

How did we get involved in this business? Great question. As a small business owner of a business (Kustom Koozies) severely impacted by Covid-19 in 2020, we were looking for ways to cut our costs. Business had slowed down by a tremendous amount, and reducing costs was determined to be the best way to help the company.

Kustom Koozies looked at their merchant processing fees to see if there was a way to reduce costs. We submitted a statement to 5 different companies to determine if there were any that would be less expensive. TMS, nc is the company that Kustom Koozies had been using for 14 years. When all the results came in. Total Merchant Services offered the lowest fees. In conversation with the Local Manager of Total Merchant Services a job was offered and taken.

The offering that we are able to give is pretty well unbeatable.

  • No Contract
  • Guaranteed lowest pricing
  • Free POS System
  • No Rate Increases
  • $300.00 Sign Up Bonus
  • 24/7 US Based Support

This is a pretty spectacular offering. Lets look at each component individally.

No Contract – There is not a contract to lock you into our program. You can cancel at anytime. We will do our best to do a great job, but if at any time you are unhappy you can cancel. Many companies lock you into a contract.

Free POS System – We will set up a free POS System for you. You may use it for as long as you want. This includes, desktop, card reader or mobile.

No Rate Increases – We will not raise your rates.

$300.00 Sign up Bonus – We give you a $300.00 Sign Up bonus. You must stay with us for at least 1 year.

24/7 US Based Support – This is the service that is undervalued. You have three ways of getting support. Call Bob Liddle – 919-961-3132. Call our Raleigh Technical Support Office – (800) 823-2712 Toll Free from anywhere. Or after hours call our National Headquarters 24/7 (888) 848-6825. Our National Support is open all the time, someone picks up the phone, and helps you. Simple as that.

TMS, NC has been a payment processing leader for 22 years. Founded in 1996, TMS NC has helped more than 500,00 small and medium sized businesses with their payment processing needs. The company currently processes more than $12 billion in credit and debit card transactions annually. We have become a leader in the bankcard business by providing cost-effective solutions and exemplary service to help merchants succeed.